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GSO 8" F/6 Dobsonian with EASY PUSH TO (High Accuracy & Truly Bearing System )

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Product Content

GSO Dob 8" F/6 (White) telescope & Base in separated packages

35mm 2” CNC extension tube

Covers & battery case

2" Crayford focuser with 1/10 Micro transmission

GSO Standard 8x50mm Straight Finder Scope and Bracket

2” 30mm & 1.25” 9mm eyepieces

EZ PUSH TO Modules

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10" & 12" Dobsonian are available to pick up for local customers.



Download (2022/06/28) User's Guide for EZ PUSH TO

Download (2022/06/28)  EZ PUSH TO Hardware Installation MANUAL (ENGLISH)

Download (2019/05/15)  Software Guide of EZ PUSH TO on iOS (ENGLISH)

Download (2020/08/14)  Software Guide of EZ PUSH TO on Android (ENGLISH)

Download (2016/10/29)  EZ PUSH TO 安裝手冊 (中文)



NOTE:  Please read the guide in ReadMe.txt beacuse few version of Widows 10 is unable to run "com0com" correctly.



iOS app for iphone is available from Apple Store by searching EZ PUSH TO

Android app is available from Google Play with the keyword "EZ PUSH TO"  

EZ PUSH TO 2020 (2020/09/22)  Android app


EZ PUSH TO 2018 OVERVIEW on You Tube 

EZ PUSH TO (2018) QUICK START : App Operation and demonstration

EZ PUSH TO 2018 ( Polaris ): Advanced App Operation and demonstration

EZ PUSH TO 2018 ( Compass ): Advanced App Operation and demonstration

The detailed procedure how to implement EZ PUSH TO on Stellarium on Youtube

 The accuracy test was published 02/12/2017.  Learn more performance test on our Facebook.


GSO 8" Dobsonian with EZ PUSH TO

Basic Manual for Focuser Adjustment & Optical Alignment


Your GSO type Dobsonian, although entry level, has optics that are on par with telescopes costing thousands of dollars more.  However, your Dobsonian is not so user friendly without added tools to help searching objects at night.   This is why we designed the EZ PUSH TO.    

Our system takes advantage of the advances of smart phone and encoder technology to produce an observing system that would have been very costly just a few years ago.  By utilizing the smart phone’s excellent display, Bluetooth and GPS functions, our app turns your smart phone into a high powered observing instrument.  In addition, we use the newest wireless magnetic encoder technology that are both very accurate andvery low power consuming.  This creates a system that is both economical and accurate.

It is our hope that the  EZ PUSH TO kit on your dob will rekindle your forgotten passion of watching the night sky. 

You are probably thinking that the EZ PUSH TO app is just another sky map or general app for telescopes.  You are wrong!   Most sky maps on a laptop or mobile phone apps do not provide for improving accuracy as you are viewing.  You can see lots of gorgeous sky map on 3rd party app, but they almost never provides any algorithm or tool to improve your system's accuracy.  This is why most  telescopes very often go to a  given target, only to find that the object is not there. Often the object may be several degrees away.  The EZ PUSH TO interface includes a highly accurate level meter and utilizes a visual multi-star alignment.  All of this is to  improve system accuracy and ensure a pleasant viewing experience.

The wireless Bluetooth electronics installed on the Dobsonianare designed to be exposed outdoors to enhance wireless data transferring. All the parts is designed to protect against humidity, and there is an automatic fuse to protect the power supply. The construction is made of durable metal and removable for convenient storage. It looks very simple, but is precisely manufactured.  Each unit is individually tested for quality and accuracy.

The installation is very straightforward - just put on the azimuth and altitude encoder modules on the Dobsonian – installation only takes a few minutes. Connect Bluetooth with the smart phone, which automatically looks at your GPS location and local time. Next, you would test your leveling of your base by  putting your phone on the base of the dob, and turn around to adjust the level.In seconds, the system is initialized.

The EZ PUSH TO  is  designed for visual observing.  It is not intended to be a complete sky encyclopedia.  The app’s database includes just about all the objects that someone would want to view such as the Messier/NGC /Herschel catalogue, double and binary stars, comets and small bodies, and magnitude 10.5 stars (260,000 stars).

EZ PUSH TO features lots of other amazing features such as roaming in the deep sky and naming unknown sky objects for you. EZ PUSH TO is designed to bring you in reach of the real deep sky inyour backyard,  camping or at a star party.



The azimuth and altitude encoders are non-contact design, and their resolution is 0.08°, but displayed in app as 0.1°.  Because  some issues in installation (such as horizontal and vertical motion on Dobsonian wooden base are not exactly 90°, or putting Dobsonian base on uneven ground), actual system accuracy would be 0.5° or worse.  However, the accuracy could be improved easily if multi-stars is aligned as the oriental reference in our app.  Generally, calibrated system accuracy could be 0.2° or better.  This is really a challenge for a wooden base Dobsonian if it moves or rotates non-linearity.    Among all the similar products, only GSO uses truly bearing parts on axes.  You could see the comparisons in pictures. 


EZ PUSH TO Specification

Azimuth and Altitude Encoders Resolution: 0.1°(The resolution is 0.08°, but displayed as 0.1°)

System Accuracy: ~ 0.5°(single star alignment), < 0.2° (multi-stars alignment)

Compatible System:  Android 5.0 or later version ( 720P display or above )

                                  Apple iOS ( iphone 6S+ or later models)

                                  Windows 7~10 Stellarium

Compatible Brand / Telescope: GSO / Dobsonian Telescope

Solar System / more than 1000 small bodies / 110 Messier & 7840 NGC / Hershel 400 catalogue / more than 260,000 Stars(magnitude 10.5)/ More than 100 Double & Binary Stars etc.

Connection: Dual Module Bluetooth 2.0/4.0

Power: DC 5V ~15V Automatically, Standard DC (DC-USB cable included)

GPS Location: Supported by Phone App

Level Meter: Supported by Phone App, Custom Designed Algorithm to Ensure the Level Bias Less Than 0.2°


GSO Dobsonian  Introduction

Sturdy and Reliable Construction:   The telescope's f/6 optics and 1200mm focal length delivers great observing performance. The secondary mirror has a 62.5mm minor-axis and its alignment can be adjusted with a Philips head driver in perfect alignment for the best views possible. Our tube designed GSO Dobsonian looks not so fascinated compared with other movable truss constructed Dobsonian.  However, the optical axis of symmetry in tube constructed GSO Dobsonian is most reliable among all products.

Fabulous Focusing Mechanism:   The GSO Dobsonian telescope features a machined, 2" Crayford focuser with dual-speed adjustment control. The fine-focus control knob allows you to dial-in details at a 10:1 ratio ultra-precise focusing. An included adapter allows use of both 2" and 1.25" sized telescope eyepieces, and both holders feature non-marring compression rings to keep eyepieces in-place without scratching.

Motion of the GSO Dobsonian in both altitude (up/down) and azimuth (left/right) is silky smooth thanks to azimuth high cost roller bearings, adjustable ball-bearing altitude trunnions. Tension of both altitude and azimuth motion axes can be adjusted easily, without using tools, to support heavy accessories on your GSO Dobsonian anytime.

Dobsonian Accessories:  Two telescope eyepieces are included: a big 2" 5-elements Superview 30mm focal length, and a 1.25" 4-elements Plossl 9mm focal length eyepiece. A handy eyepiece rack for the GSO Dobsonian base is included, which provides a convenient storage spot for your telescope eyepieces and other accessories. A 35mm-length 2" extension adapter is also included.

The included 8x50 finder scope is bright aiming tool for the 8" Dobsonian telescope. To reduce cool-down time, an included cooling fan can be plugged in (fan battery pack requires 8xAA batteries - not included) to help circulate air in the reflector optical tube for fast performance.



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