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About Us

Romer Optics LLC has started bussiness at Houston since 2015. We offer astronomical telescopes, advanced Push To / GoTo technology on Dobsonian, and accessories for professional astrograph.  Excellent optics, innovated mechanics and complete maintenance inspire us to be a valuable company. Our goal will be one of the best manufacture in the field of Dobsonian system for astronomical education and research.

We are the iternational dealer of GSO telscope in US (



  • Parabolic Newtonian telescopes.
  • Professional Ritchey-Chretien Telescopes for astrograph
  • Equatorial mount for astrograph
  • Optical mirrors & lens, eyepieces, optical filters, mechanical parts.
  • Product service and maintenance
  • Astronomical software and hardware development
  • EZ Push To / GoTo on Dobsonian