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GSO Deluxe Laser Collimator III for Reflector

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This laser collimtor is quarantined to align a optical path less than 7m within 2mm bias. This is a quick and excellent tool to make sure all mirrors and focuser center symmetrically.  However, you still must pay attention to the unavoidable tolerance between the installation of the collimator and internal diameter of a focuser.    The collimator costs $45 (Free Shipping to mainland United States), but only $29 for the customer who has bought telescopes in our store.

This device is used to align both of the telescope's mirrors with a simple, precise, two-step procedure. The collimator fits to any 1.25" focuser and emits a red laser beam into the telescope. Tilt the secondary mirror so that the red laser dot hits the center of the primary mirror. Then tilt the primary mirror so that the return beam hits a silver plate angled at 45 degrees in the collimator's window. Adjust the mirror until the return beam lines up with the original beam.

The collimator is made of strong anodized aluminum CNC fabrication and includes batteries. Does not include an instruction sheet but there is a PDF file available on internet.

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